MIS Junior World ensures that all the students are well-developed in their growth-mindset through the lesson challenges. We provide an appropriate and balanced academic challenge that enables students to realize their unique potential in a supportive environment.

             Secondary 1 -3, students at MIS also study Chinese national curriculum plus China STEAM . Our enhanced selection of topics, called ‘electives subjects’ within the curriculum aligns us with the innovative skills of the west and the entrepreneur growth mindset of the east.

             Classes at MIS are small, well resourced, and well supported. There are typically around 25-30 students in most lessons. Our highly qualified, specialist teachers are extremely knowledgeable and encouraging. They really spend time getting to know students and families, to ensure they form positive working relationships with open communication, so that students feel well supported as they progress through the lower secondary school towards upper secondary school.

             The students have an opportunity to join a summer camp in China or UK during school breaks, in order to explore the global learning environment and start planning to pursue their future education.

Prime Areas
Personal Development
Life Skills
Physical Development
Language : Intermediate Chinese, English, Thai
Mathematics & Sciences Entrepreneur mindset
Technology & AI, Coding

Specific Areas
Growth Mindset to Understanding the World
Chinese Philosophy
Effective Team Collaboration
Expressive Music, Arts, and Design

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Mandarin International School
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Hua-mak, Bangkapi, Bangkok 10240

Opening Hours
Monday to Friday,
08.00 – 16.00 hrs.