MIS Senior World provides students with an inspiring curriculum that balances inquiry and creativity with a structured approach to developing the key skills and qualities that students will need to be ready for life beyond school.

             Secondary 4-6, students at MIS will study the Chinese national curriculum to prepare their university entrance in China, Taiwan, and Hong Kong and etc. They will study Mathematics, Sciences, Social lessons in Chinese plus China STEAM, Entrepreneur mindset, Physical Education, Arts & Design, AI & Technology, and Music. Where possible, the learning in these subjects is also linked to the current topics.

             This ensures the development of the skills required for study and for life, promotes sound values, and aims to make learning a relevant, authentic, and engaging experience. Continuity of skills, content, and assessment is maintained throughout. In preparation for higher education, the degree of independence in learning and flexibility in approach is increased as students move through the school.

             The curriculum is designed to meet individual needs, ensuring equality of opportunity for all and promoting high expectations, thereby enabling students to develop to the best of their ability.

Prime Areas
Personal Development
Communication and Language
Physical Development
Mastery: Chinese, English, Thai
Mathematics & Sciences
Entrepreneur mindset.

Specific Areas
Growth Mindset to Understanding the World
Chinese Philosophy
Effective Team Collaboration
Technology & AI, Coding

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