Additional Learning Needs

All children and young people need support to help them learn.

Through good quality learning and teaching, staff at MIS are able to meet a diverse range of needs without additional support. However, some children and young people will require support that is additional to, or different from, that received by children or young people of the same age to ensure they benefit from education, whether early learning, school or preparation for life after school.

Additional support needs can be both long-term and short-term or can simply refer to the help a child or young person needs in getting through a difficult period.

A child can need extra help for lots of reasons, including:
• Difficulty in controlling behaviour
• Missing school because of an illness or long-term condition
• Having a physical disability
• Communication difficulties
• Being particularly able
• Changing school a lot
• Having a difficult family situation
• Being bullied

Please talk to the MIS Admissions Team if you feel that your child may need additional support and we will be able to help with a consultation with the Headmaster and the Academic Team, in support of the admissions process.