The new MIS campus for EYFS, primary, secondary and senior secondary students, features a number of facilities designed to meet their specific requirements.

General Facilities

Our spacious Early Years Learning Centre provides a wonderful learning environment for the youngest of MIS students. F1 (Nursery), F2 (Reception) and Year 1.

Each age group is provided with 2 classroom teaching areas – for core Mandarin and English programmes. In addition, there are separate dining facilities for each age group and separate sleeping facilities for F1 (Nursery)

Specialist teaching areas including separate STEAM technology, creative arts rooms and a performance arts Dance Studio
The Early Years Learning Centre benefits from a large multi-function air-conditioned Indoor Play Area.

The Medical Room and school Nurse are at the heart of the EYFS facilities and an integral part of the school staff and community.

The School Library

We recognise that many students looking to join our MIS academic programmes are proficient Located on the ground floor of the Lower-Secondary building, to provide ease of access for the community, the MIS school library is a central hub supporting every student and staff member.
Established with more than 5000 texts for the library loan service, MIS is committed to a regular update of resources. In addition to paper hard-copy resources, MIS has also built an ‘electronic cloud library’ allowing students instant access to information and knowledge through the use of classroom smartboards and other electronic devices.
The MIS school library provides a welcoming environment:

  • improving student outcomes by enriching reading and learning programmes
  • bringing people and information together, providing access to the stories, information, and technology we need.
  • embodying the principles of ‘learner agency’, giving MIS students having the independence to choose their own reading, and to find resources that help them develop their interests and strengths at their own pace

The School Auditorium

The school boasts a multi-purpose auditorium, used for all major school functions. The auditorium provides an ideal space for school assemblies, events, productions etc.

ICT Laboratories

Technology is used to make teaching and learning meaningful and fun. ICT is well integrated into all subject areas. New technology tools like Interactive LED boards have been installed in all classrooms and learning areas. The well equipped ICT laboratory is used to support the teaching of ICT from as early as Year 1, with computers and a number of peripherals so that each student has a machine to themselves

STEAM technology rooms

Each section of MIS benefits from specialist STEAM classrooms designed to prompt curiosity, inquiry, interest and wonder through exploration, discovery and hands on learning; and to develop transferrable skills, putting creativity, curiosity, collaboration and confidence, at the heart of learning.

Music Room

The well-equipped music room provides a variety of western instruments and traditional Chinese instruments for timetabled music lessons and after-school co-curricular activities.


Beyond the development of skills, our sporting facilities support students in their goals of leading healthy and active lifestyles. To encourage student interest in programmes of physical education, a range of sports facilities are available that include:

  • Two swimming pools
  • Soccer field and running track
  • Basketball courts
  • Indoor table tennis rooms
  • Indoor sports rooms


The school cafeteria and catering services offer a range of healthy lunches supplemented by healthy morning and afternoon snacks

Uniform Store and Purchasing Department

The Uniform store stocks prescribed school uniform and in order to maintain uniformity, parents a re encouraged to make use of this facility.

Medical Care

The Medical Room and nursing staff are an integral part of the school staff and MIS community. A separate medical isolation facility is available should it be required. Students undergo regular medical check-ups and a health record is maintained for each child.
While routine first aid is administered by the nursing staff, any emergency is referred to the nearby Hospital.