Zhanjiang University of Science and Technology, China
For over 20 years, Guangdong Zhanjiang Cunjin Education Group has been one of the most well-known private education providers in China, The education group investment exceeds RMB 8 Billion. The Group’s mission aims to provide the best educational opportunities to the young generation within society, and to cultivate them to be ready to create a positive difference to the world. Cunjin Education group has founded 3 educational institutes; Zhanjiang University of Science and Technology, Cunjin Peicai school in China and Mandarin International School in Thailand;
Zhanjiang University of Science and Technology, located in Zhanjiang, Guangdong Province, in the southernmost coastal city of mainland China, is a full-time regular institution of higher education. The College was jointly founded by Guangdong Ocean University and Zhanjiang Cunjin Education Group in 1999, and approved as an independent college by the Ministry of Education in 2006.


In nearly two-decades of educational operation, the College has realized outstanding achievements, improved its reputation, and won several honorary titles, such as “Outstanding Contribution Award of Private Education in China”, “Chinese Culture Inheritance Base”, “Advanced Unit of “Education to Rural Area” Social Practice of College Students in Guangdong Province”, “Garden-style Unit of Zhanjiang”, etc.

Taking advantage of the high quality education resources of Zhanjiang University of Science and Technology, and focusing on demands of economic development and the society, the College devotes itself to cultivating application-oriented talents equipped with rich cultural and scientific quality and professional skills. The College upholds the concepts of “strengthening the college through faculty, establishing through quality, revitalizing through innovation, developing through strengths and enriching through culture”, and attaches great importance to “teaching quality”, to constantly strive for progress. At present, the College has become a comprehensive institution for higher education, with reasonable structure of faculty, complete teaching and living facilities for 41 undergraduate majors and more than 20,000 students.

The College has set up Department of Management, Department of Economics and Finance, Department of Accounting, Department of Foreign Languages, Department of Mechanical and Electrical Engineering, Department of Computing, Department of Engineering Technology, Department of Music and Dance, Department of Landscape, Department of Art and Design, Department of Basic Course and Department of Sports. The College constantly implements “revitalizing through innovation” program, launches a series of excellent and high-quality courses, and attaches great importance to cultivating some featured and dominant curriculums, with Accounting and English Language and Literature listed as key disciplines in Guangdong colleges and universities in 2016. In addition, the College actively promotes national-level college student innovation and entrepreneurship programs, provincial-level specialty comprehensive reform pilot programs, provincial-level higher education and teaching reform programs, and focuses on cultivating students’ innovation and entrepreneurship abilities. In recent years, the students have taken part in a series of national and provincial competitions, including National Tax Administration Skills Competition, Finance and Accounting Ability Competition, Advertising Design Competition, College Student English Competition, and won more than 200 awards, reflecting solid professional theory, strong practice and operation ability and broad professional visions of our students.

As a young and lively higher education institution, the College keeps up with the trends of education internationalization, attaches great importance to international exchange and cooperation, and aims to build an international education brand. The College has successively  signed   joint   education agreement with educational institutions and universities in more than 20 countries, such as Chungbuk National University in South Korea, Keiwa College in Japan, Portland State University in the United States, Coventry University, De Montfort University in England, Australia, Thailand, Canada and Netherlands, and launched over 20 programs, such as undergraduate and postgraduate joint education, exchange student, paid internship, and etc.

In order to further improve education conditions, and comprehensively promote talent training quality, the College started the construction of a new campus – Xinhu Campus in January 2016. Xinhu Campus, located in Zhanjiang Education Base, covers an area of 1622 Rai (about 108 hectare), with 900,000 m2 construction area. The new campus takes investment of more than RMB 3 billion, and is able to accommodate 30,000 students.  At present, the total construction area of school building in two campuses reaches 490,000 m2, including about 230,000 m2 for teaching and scientific research. Library collection of the College is more than 2.37 million copies (including e-books). The teaching instruments and facilities value more than RMB81 million, and fixed assets value over RMB1 billion. Besides, the College is equipped with 109 public and professional laboratories, and 178 off-campus education practice bases.

Zhanjiang University of Science and Technology, gearing towards a new starting point, is striving to become an application-oriented regular university with distinctive features.

Since its establishment in 2007, Zhanjiang No. 1 Middle School Peicai School has made every effort to build a brand school in the South of Guangdong and even the whole country! Adhering to the original intention of Build morality and cultivate people, Peicai school has made new progress in updating educational concepts, promoting educational innovation, implementing efficient classrooms, and promoting quality education. Quality education has achieved remarkable results. Our school will continue to practice socialist core values, follow the laws of education and the growth of young people, further explore new ways to implement quality education, strive to maintain educational equity, create more favorable conditions for the healthy growth and overall development of students, and strive to run the people well. Satisfactory education. “Building soil for mountains, standing water for sea”, happiness and a bright future will not appear on its own, success belongs to the courageous and committed people.