Through the initialism of our name . . . MIS

We value M – Mastery, so we will hold to high academic standards, lead students to transfer their knowledge and skills beyond the classroom.

We value I – Integrity, so we cultivate students by doing the right thing, commitment, respect for oneself, others and the environment, utilizing knowledge and understanding wisely.

We value S – Success, so we teach students to achieve small success, experience new things, learn from our mistakes, and grow in confidence.

What distinguishes an MIS education is identified by the initials in the abbreviated version of our name, and our commitment to Mastery, Integrity and Success.

Our commitment to Mastery provides students with as much time and intervention as they need to truly understand, and thus master, course material. This ensures that students master the formative content necessary to move into increasingly complex material.

Our commitment to Integrity ensures that students act in accordance to the deeply held values characterized by respect, honesty, hard work and responsibility.

Our commitment to Success allows the MIS community to value and celebrate the success of our students as each individual grows in academic achievement and the holistic development of intellectual, emotional, social, ethical and physical characteristics.