MIS students’ study in an environment which embraces the language and cultural strengths of the English, Mandarin and Thai educational systems. The harmony of this unified programme provides an appropriate balance of academic challenge and support that enables each student to realize their own unique potential.

In using the English National Curriculum and Chinese National Curriculum, MIS delivers an outline of core knowledge around which teachers can develop exciting and stimulating lessons, to promote the development of students’ knowledge, understanding and skills.

The English National Curriculum stresses creativity, critical thinking and flexibility. It includes a series of measurable and achievable goals, each designed to build on what went before while preparing the student for their future studies and work life.

In full access to the Chinese National Curriculum including Rising STEAM, MIS students benefit from one of the most progressive educational programmes in the world.


In bringing together the best of traditional and innovative learning from the East and the West, MIS provides students with a specialized programme that combines the English National Curriculum (ENC) and Chinese National Curriculum (CNC) in an introduction to the essential knowledge that they need to be educated global citizens for the 21st Century.

The very structured English National Curriculum program, allows schools to include other subjects or topics of their choice in planning and designing their own programme of education. The ENC is organized on the basis of four key stages (see below) and twelve subjects, classified in legal terms as ‘core’ and ‘other foundation’ subjects.

The UK government publishes programmes of study for each national curriculum subject, setting out the ‘matters, skills and processes’ to be taught at each key stage.

The ‘core’ subjects considered to be at the centre of the curriculum – English, maths and science. All the other subjects Art and Design, Citizenship, Computing and IT, Design and Technology, Languages, Geography, History, Music and P.E. are known as the Foundation Subjects.

At MIS many of the Foundation Subjects are brought together through topic-based learning of the English STEAM programme (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Mathematics). Our thematic studies are chosen to reflect the international nature of our school. Themes often start with some kind of event, perhaps a trip, a visit from an expert or a problem that needs solving. The theme will develop over a period of weeks allowing for experimentation, investigation and the acquisition of knowledge. The theme will finish with a celebration, perhaps a presentation, an assembly, a report or a special piece of work.

The second central element of the MIS Curriculum sees students engage in the progressive Chinese National Curriculum. A comprehensive Chinese language programme, which sees MIS students achieving HSK (Chinese Proficiency Test) results of level 3 in Primary 3 and HSK 4 in Primary 6, is enhanced by specialist teaching in Mandarin for mathematics, Science and other elements of the full Chinese National Curriculum.

Additionally, MIS students benefit from a stimulating and creative curriculum that allows for growing independence and responsibility. Lessons in Modern Chinese Philosophy, the Kid-Entrepreneur mindset, and topic-based learning of the Mandarin Rising STEAM programme (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Mathematics) including AI and Coding.

MIS students benefit from a stimulating and creative curriculum that allows for happy, confident and enthusiastic learners, growing in independence and responsibility, with regular assessments to ensure that all children achieve to the best of their abilities.