Year 9 Pre-IGCSE

As students enter our exciting Year 9 ‘pre-IGCSE’ academic programme they are provided preparation for future success in international IGCSE and A level examinations.

The key study skills and advanced curriculum coverage of Year 9 allows MIS students to work with our subject specialist staff in the core areas of English, mathematics and the Sciences. Each student is provided with appropriate challenge and extension, and with additional support and nurture when required. Every student receives more direct contact time with their teachers.

As an example, depending on aptitude and ability, Year 9 students have early access to the IGCSE Extended mathematics curriculum with students working towards the challenging Higher IGCSE curriculum and examination. Where necessary other students will be nurtured in their Year 9 mathematics curriculum and constantly monitored for effort, progress and achievement. Those who show developing aptitude and ability in studies will have an opportunity to move into the challenging environment of Higher-level examinations.

Students in Year 9 receive specialist support in their examination choices, with a breadth of opportunities to directly specialize in the Sciences, Business and I.T. and the Creative Arts.